Monday, March 17, 2014

I Like Comments

You will note that my old smiley face is gone, replaced by a more serious expression. As my sister said, you're going to prison, you shouldn't look so happy on your blog.

Ugh, a picture taken way back when when all was well with the world. And note my boy's ear just behind mine.

You may also note that I no longer describe myself as a modern-day Robin Hood, which was taken from a comment someone sent to me. I freely admit that that was truly awful and does not reflect in any way how I really feel about my misdeeds. In any event, thank you to my ex wife for pointing that out. Her comment was that "Robin Hood gave to the rich. You kept it for yourself." My response was that I gave it to my poor wife. But in any event, point taken.

I really appreciate your comments, criticism, whatever. Don't be shy about writing on the blog. Thank you to all those who have written to me privately to express support. I will devote a separate blog to you.


  1. Cynthia HephnerMarch 17, 2014 at 7:09 PM

    Well, even if the pointed comment from your Ex wasn't 'well deserved', at least she gave you another that others who don't know you may have. Insights may sting sometimes, but often, they open other pathways for thought. :) Just sayin'.......

  2. Hi, thanks for writing, you are very right. Her comment was definitely well deserved. A nice way of putting it is that for a while my priorities were all screwed up. A harsher (but more accurate?) way is that, for a time there, I was a greedy bastard. It took me a while to admit that but it's true. I just wish that I hadn't hurt so many people through my greed.

  3. Thanks