Thursday, April 3, 2014

Etika Blog

I've mentioned Justin Paperny before: here and here.  He is a former stock broker and convicted felon who is now an author and expert on ethics and white collar crime. He speaks to students and professionals throughout the country both about his story and how to live an honest, upstanding life despite the pressures in certain professions to do wrong. Most importantly to me, he has been a trusted friend and advisor throughout this difficult process.

Justin reached out to me a few weeks ago asking me if I would consider posting missives on Etika, his go-to site for white-collar criminals like me who find themselves in a mess of their own making. Of course I said yes.

For as long as my creative juices continue to flow, I plan to post original content to his site, while continuing, of course, to post on my blog. Instead of duplicating content, I will post links here to new content on Justin's site.

Justin has created a separate tab under the blog heading for my posts, where I have published my first post, entitled Planning for the Worst. More are on the way. 

If you have any interest in the topic of white collar crime, I encourage you to go there. And not just to my posts.  There you will also find the posts of another white collar defendant, Andy Rothenberg, who is actively blogging about his experiences from behind the walls of a prison camp in Florida. And there you will find a trove of interesting posts from Justin, who with the help of his family blogged throughout his entire stay at Taft Prison Camp in California.

Happy reading!  And as I like to say: stay good and be free. Or is that "be good and stay free."

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