Saturday, June 14, 2014

Interview on National Public Radio: Snap Judgment Does a Segment on Me

Snap Judgment, a weekly program broadcast nationally on NPR, interviewed me before I went to prison about the things I did that led me there. They have now finalized the episode and have made it available here. It will also be broadcast starting this weekend on most local NPR stations. Check your local listings: each station has its own broadcast time. Note that I haven't heard the piece myself. They interviewed me for almost six hours over two days so it will be interesting to hear how they edited my babbling about my past misdeeds. I hope I don't come across as too much of a schmuck. But I did what I did and fully admit that I was an idiot. The least I can do is own up to my mistakes and learn from them.


  1. Self-InstructedJune 17, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    I was a good interview. The agony and shame came through in your voice but also a sense of hopefulness. It was a little vague on the reason you went to prison though. It seemed to say that you were indicted and sentenced for activities done for Oleg, rather than against Oleg.

    I hope your time is well spent in contemplation and that your time isn't too hard to take. You seem like a decent guy who just made a (huge) mistake but I'm betting you'll gain clarity for future success and happiness.

  2. Response for Self-Instructed comment:

    Self-Instructed: thank you for commenting. I'm glad you caught the hopefulness as I was worried that the piece came across as too depressing. I live with a sense of anguish and guilt but am nonetheless hopeful and optimstic. That may be a schizophrenic combination of emotions but it's what keeps me going. Thank you also for your wishes. My time is bearable and I'm learning to know myself better in order to better understand my motivations and aspirations. Unfortunately, some people (aka: me) need to pass through the crucible to gain the clarity you mention. Leigh