Some people have been asking me lately how they can help, whether they can send money to me while I'm in prison. I appreciate the gesture - I really do - and I understand their desire to help. If our roles were reversed, I'd like to think that I would do the same. But my answer is that I won't accept this help. I don't deserve it. The sad fact is that I did this to myself. It is my own fault. I am ready to accept my punishment. Accepting outside help would somehow make me feel unworthy, like I'm stealing money all over again.

However, what keeps me awake at night is that my innocent children, through no fault of their own, have been hurt by my actions. I'm unable to fulfill my most basic role of supporting my family, providing for them as I once did. So, after much deliberation, and in part to assuage my guilt, I decided to accept help if it goes directly to them. I'm not asking for it, not expecting it. But if anyone does feel the urge to do something material, than this is the course I ask you to take. 

My sister has graciously asked to serve as trustee for any donations that may come in. She has set up a bank account linked to the PayPal account below and will ensure that any support be used solely for the support of my children. In short, I'm not asking for help. But where they're concerned, I am prepared to accept it, and would most certainly appreciate it.

Amazon Wish List

While I will not personally accept any monetary donations, I have set up an Amazon Wish List of various books I hope to read while in prison. My love for reading is so great - it's an activity that I expect will make my incarceration bearable - that I'm willing to bend my "no donations" rule for it. So if you really want to help me, to send a little present on my birthday or remind me that I'm in your thoughts, then click on this link to my Wish List and have it delivered to me at the address listed on the contact page of this blog. The wish list may not initially display the cheapest version, so be sure to check whether a used version of the same title is available for less.

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